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HabboKingdom's Forum Rules and Regulations

Rules and regulations are put into place as your safety is our priority. They are created to regulate not only yours but all HabboKingdom's Forum Members behavior and action throughout. By Registering to HabboKingdom Forum, you are agreeing to abide by our Rules in all circumstances in whatever may happen within the Forums. Failure to comply will result in action taken by HabboKingdom's Moderation team.

Section One: General Rules
These rules are applied throughout the forum, no matter what role you are within the community.

1: Posting Rules
You are not allowed to go off-topic, or pointlessly post. This includes, but may not be limited to:

» 1.1: Off-Topic Posting
Off-topic posting is where your post is considered to not be relevant to the thread. Single word comments will also be classed as pointless posting i.e. lol or gg etc..

» 1.2: Repetitive Content
Content which users seem to post repeatedly either by themselves or with other users will now be deemed as pointless posting. An example of this would be "good article" simply add more detail to show you have actually read the thread and not just boosting your post count with the same comment.

» 1.3: Multiple Posting
Posting before another user does is classed as multiple posting. This is seen as gaining unfair posts as no other user has yet posted. If you wish your post to have content edited please report it and fill in what you want changing and a mod will do it for you.

» 1.4: Violating Specific Thread Rules
Some threads have specific rules set for them and therefore you must follow them as well as the general forum rules. If a user has been caught breaking thread rules then they shall be punished accordingly and multiple violations can lead to a thread ban.

2: Behaviour On The Forum
We will not tolerate any antisocial or abusive behaviour here on the HabboKingdom Forum. The types of behaviour may include, but not limited to:

» 2.1: Making Biased Statements
We will not tolerate any users to make biased statements on the grounds of racist and/or homophobic remarks towards any user or in general at all.

» 2.2: Singling Out Users Or Making General Personal Attacks
We will not tolerate any users to attack or make hate speech to another member of the forum, may this be a group of people singling a person out or just a single person making attack again one or multiple people. Making fun of a member will also be classed as an attack whether it was serious or not if it can offend the user.

» 2.3: Participating In Arguments
Within Forums, some members may not get along which therefore caused an argument to erupt. However, you do not have the authority to get involved within an argument because you will therefore be getting yourself into trouble by disobeying Forum Rules. Even if you are trying to stop an argument, don’t! Just simply report it. If you’re caught participating in arguments whether they are via private messaging, visitor messages or within a thread, you may receive an infraction or ban depending on its severity.

» 2.4: Bumping threads older than 3 Months
Bumping threads over the 3 months period since the last post in the thread will be classed as bumping a thread.

» 2.5: Offensive Images
Any images which are deemed to be offensive and contain any form of profanity which could be aimed directly or indirectly to a user(s) will be removed and you will be punished accordingly for it.

» 2.6: Avoiding The Filter
At HabboKindgom we have got a word filter to stop inappropriate words being revealed on users post due to the audience of the forum. If you are to change the way a word is spelt so that it avoids the filter then you are in violation of this rule may this be in a post, signature, usertitle or username.

» 2.7: Undermining A Moderator's Or Administrator's Decision
Undermining a moderator's decision which has been made by their own discretion is prohibited and will be punished accordingly. If you have a problem with what they have sanctioned you for then post in the specificed forum by clicking here. This means discussing your punishment you will be in violation of this rule also therefore discussion is prohibited unless posted Account or Infraction Issues forum.

3: Personal Identifiable Information
Security and safety of our members is always on our mind. This is why we do not allow users to post any information of other members which may be considered 'personal'. You may share your own full name & email address.This includes, but may not be limited to:
  • You can not post other's full names.
  • You can not give yours or anyone elses address.
  • You can not post links to your facebook or anyone elses.
  • You can not post your phone number or anyone elses.
  • You can not post images of others without their consent.
  • You can not post others skype's or email address's.
4: Question/Illegal Discussions
HabboKingdom has a strict policy against any illegal activity which may bring our users into danger, or trouble with external security personnels. This may include things such as:

» 4.1: Discussion Of Hacking Or Any Suspicious Websites
We do not prohibit the discussion of any hacking techniques which can relate back to illegal activity, nor will we allow any links to websites which we deem to be unsafe or suspicious which can put other members of the forum in harm.

» 4.2: Discussion Of Pirated Material
The discussion of pirated material is not allowed on the forum, any user seen discussing pirated material or linking to sites which have pirated content will have the content removed and will be punished accordingly.

» 4.3: Discussion Of Adult Rated Content
HabboKingdom prohibits the discussion of adult rated content due to the audience the forum is aimed at, this is includes all types of media and anyone posting such content will be punished accordingly for it.

5: Advertisement Of Other Fansites
We do not permit you to post the names or advertise other fansites on the forum, unless there are in some form of affiliation with HabboKingdom in which then this rule will not apply.

Section Two: Account Features & Rules
These rules are applied throughout the forum, no matter what role you are within the community.

6: Multiple Accounts
We do not permit more than one account per person, if you create more than one account then the new account will be banned. This also includes allowing another member of the forum onto your account. Under specific circumstances an administrator may authorize you to have more than one account depending on what the reason is for it.

7: Inappropriate Username
We do grant you freedom on your choice of username but there is some restrictions which are to ensure that your username follows the other rules. This includes, but may not be limited to:
  • Be explicit.
  • Be used in such a way to intentionally insult another member.
  • The name of another fansite.
8: Assisting A Banned User
A user would be banned from HabboKingdom's Forum for a reason and therefore we do not permit them to see our content till the ban is lifted. This is by but not limited to leaking or revealing information to them that has been posted on the forum whilst they are banned will be in violation of this rule and in doing so you will be putting yourself at risk of being banned. Depending on the severity of your actions will result in the level of punishment received for this violation.

9: General Profile Content
On your forum account profile, there is many areas which you can personalize. An example of this would be the postbit content, if any of this content is deemed to be in violation of the other rules then a moderator can sanction you for it under this rule and it will be removed.

10: Signature Restrictions
Here at HabboKingdom Forum, we have some restrictions/limits when it comes to signatures. Anything goes, unless stated below, you may not:
  • Have more than 4 images in your signature.
  • An image must not exceed the size of 500px by 220px.
  • Your signature can not exceed 600px by 400px.
  • Your signature must not contain abusive content
Section Three: Misuse Of Forum Features
These rules are applied throughout the forum, no matter what role you are within the community.

11: Misuse Of Mentions/Quotes
At HabboKingdom Forum we allow you to mention or quote other users to notify then that you have replied or mentioned them in a post. If you are to use this feature excessively, as an example mention all online user, this is prohibited as they is no need to mention that many users and therefore will be punished accordingly.

12: Misuse Of Staff BB Codes
HabboKingdom Forum has customized BB Codes for some staff roles to allow them to make it more obvious that they are leaving a notice to their department or to a user. We do not tolerate users to use these BB Codes unless they are in that staff role.

13: Abusing The Like System
At HabboKingdom Forum we allow you to have the ability to like a post if you feel that the post creator has made a good point and you agree with it. If you are to abuse this system by mass liking one another posts just so you can get you likes up, then this is seen as an unfair advantage and will be punished by having you likes reset.

14: Misuse Of The Report Tool
We will not tolerate users reporting post's out of spite of another user if it is something they dislike but it is clearly within the forum rules. This also goes for mass reporting of posts which are within rules and you are just trolling the forum.

VIP And Exclusives!
Information about or exclusive and VIP usergroups.

When donating to HabboKingdom you will receive a free VIP subscription as a thank you for donating. You can choose which VIP package you wish to have when donating. With the VIP subscription you will receive everything stated on our Donator page. All subscriptions are automatically added to your account once the donation is successfully received. Commonly you will receive a coloured username and VIP userbar. HabboKingdom holds the right to revoke the free VIP award at any time without notice or explanation. HabboKingdom also holds the right to discontinue any VIP packages without prior notice. If any Donations are disputed the free VIP reward will be removed immediately and your forum account may be banned. All donations are non-refundable. All donations are used on HabboKingdom services.

Exclusives / Forum Prizes
When entering a forum competition the winner will receive a special exclusive userbar. You will be able to pick your colour from our available list. HabboKingdom holds the right to discontinue and remove present exclusives at any time without notice. HabboKingdom may remove your winnings from your account if you breach forum rules and regulations. If you account is banned the exclusive will not be extended to make up for loss on your banned period.

Any user found to be breaking the rules will be punished accordingly at a moderator's own discretion, if you feel that you have been unfairly punished then you can appeal by clicking here. HabboKingdom reserves the right to add, remove or modify the rules without prior notice, as well as moving, removing content of post or threads as well as closing them on the forum.

Although the administrators and moderators of HabboKingdom Forum will attempt to keep all objectionable messages off this site, it is impossible for us to review all messages. All messages express the views of the author, and neither the owners of HabboKingdom Forum, nor vBulletin Solutions Inc. (developers of vBulletin) will be held responsible for the content of any message.

By agreeing to these rules, you warrant that you will not post any messages that are obscene, vulgar, sexually-oriented, hateful, threatening, or otherwise violative of any laws.

The owners of HabboKingdom Forum reserve the right to remove, edit, move or close any content item for any reason.